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Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) UK

Charity Registration No: 327216


AMURT is different, we were founded in India in 1965 and grew globally from there.

AMURT offers global disaster releif and undertakes development in impoverished areas - we do this irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.

We have worked in over 80 countries and presently have grassroots relief teams and development projects in over 30 countries.

Our greatest strength is our wealth of human resource, particularly our dedicated local staff and our experienced, life-long volunteers, many of whom have sacrificed careers and material comfort to serve others.


We work with local people and resources to relieve immediate suffering at the time of an emergency.

We also work to empower local communities to be self-sustainable in the long term.

We see people as capable of achieving far more than they often imagine and support them, within their own social, cultural and religious context, to realise their full human and spiritual potential.


We believe that real progress comes with the all-round development of individuals and their communities.

We empower individuals to be the bright, free-thinking drivers of change. Together with these community leaders we foster the principles of responsibility, love and leadership, helping to uplift the whole community.

We lay great emphasis on the development of sustainable projects, which generate their own income and thus can maintain themselves in the long run.

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