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Mercy Mission UK has a team of dedicated team members which research, define, refine and incubate innovative community development projects. Our model has been simply been to improve the circumstance of those around them or those in a high level of need. Since 2007 we have pioneered some ground breaking projects helping thousands of vulnerable people.

2015-2018 is set to be a period of great reform and development for Mercy Mission, as we initiate a very aggressive growth program.

Our expertise is in developing projects in two key sectors, and as such we will continue to invite great ideas in these areas, as we are confident these are the foundations of successful community empowerment.

Why We Do It?

Mercy Mission UK is a community development organisation. Founded with a vision to pursue the vision of the final messenger, we work tirelessly to see a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity.

This vision is pursued through investing in research of the needs of the Muslim community and developing vehicles of change to respond to those needs.

Since inception, Mercy Mission UK has grown with the help of skilled professionals across multiple sectors working hard to deliver solutions to community problems. The focus of our team is to bring confidence, piety, self-sufficiency and selflessness to countless communities across the country.

With the support of Dr Tawfique Chowdhury and the guidance of Mercy Mission World, the organisation has successfully mobilised countless volunteers and students across the country to embrace their communities and spearhead a revival of the Islamic spirit.

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