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Ripples Foundation

Charity Registration No: 1116698

Ripples Foundation is a charity committed to the empowerment of women in Africa, and encouraging community cohesion by increasing knowledge of African culture in the UK and US.

Ripples Foundation has now successfully transitioned from BME Concern within the UK Charity Commission. As BME Concern we ran women and youth projects in the UK and delivered programmes in Africa through our sister organisation Ripples In Africa. Our transition into Ripples Foundation signifies BME Concern’s connection to projects in Africa, whilst keeping the essence of Ripples In Africa in our work.

We believe that when an African woman is given the right tools, she can become an economic powerhouse. We deliver projects in Africa to help women work their way out of poverty, and strengthen their communities. Our programmes are designed to give women a ‘hand-up’, not a hand-out, and works towards the goal of them becoming self-sufficient, and generating a regular income that can support themselves and their families. This ensures that her children, who are the next generation of Africa, can be supported and educated, and go on to shape a brighter future for the continent.

Back in the UK, where our head office is located, we run programmes that aim to increase knowledge of African culture amongst the youth. Some of our UK projects involve workshops on African culture, student exchanges, and volunteering schemes, and we aim to encourage community cohesion through increasing knowledge of different cultures.

With your support we can make change happen in communities across the world!

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