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Charity Registration No: 1160528

Tigers4Ever is a UK based Registered Charity (Registered Charity Number: 1160528) established in late 2010. We want to ensure that wild tigers will be around for future generations to enjoy. We raise awareness of the wild tigers’ plight; and try to inspire people to support their conservation efforts. We seek to influence policy and the decision makers, where possible; and to raise funds for wild tiger conservation projects at ground level in India. We are committed to working with the communities living with wild tigers to ensure that everyone can benefit from the tiger’s long term survival in the wild. In July 2015 we launched a first of its kind "Buffer Zone Poaching Patrol" to address the fact that over 90% of wild tiger deaths in India occur in buffer forests. We have also raised sufficient funds to construct a permanent wildlife waterhole to help address the issues of human-animal conflict and prey-base stability in the buffer forests.

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