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20 20 Voice Cancer

Registered Charity Number 1156733

20 20 Voice Cancer's method of operation:

  • Makes grants to individuals
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information
  • Makes grants to organisations

What services 20 20 Voice Cancer provides:
  • General charitable purposes
  • Education/training
  • The advancement of health or saving of lives

20 20 Voice Cancer provides services to:
  • The general public/mankind

Where 20 20 Voice Cancer operates:
  • Wokingham
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Worcestershire
  • Norfolk
  • Leicestershire

20 20 Voice Cancer's charitable objectives:

The relief of sickness and the promotion of health amongst cancer sufferers and their families in particular but not exclusively by: (i) providing information, guidance and support to laryngectomees, their families, the medical fraternity and the widEr community on cancers of the head and neck (ii) providing or assisting in the provision of specialist equipment to hospitals.

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