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Here at ALTERnativity we love Christmas, with all the excitement and joy of God's gift to each of us in the little baby Jesus. However, ALTERnativity grew out of an unease at how often Christmas celebrations centre around consumerism and consumption, with the result that we put ourselves under a lot of stress and pressure.

Through the resources we create and the community work we do, we strive to challenge what has become the dominant narrative at Christmastime. We resource churches and individuals to refocus on what is truly important and should be at the heart of our Christmas celebrations. Our work also prompts people to fight for a more just world by looking at how we can care for the poor and marginalised. This stems from the song which Mary sings upon learning that she is going to give birth to the Messiah, so it is right at the heart of the Christmas message.

We want to help people rediscover the Christmas story and bring back the joy and enthusiasm for our Christmas celebrations in places where it might have faded.

We rely on various funding sources to continue our work, including the generosity of individual donors. The grant funding we receive often excludes our core running costs, yet we need this in order to be able to sustain a presence. Without continuity, our work will become piecemeal and we won't be able to reach new people and congregations or produce resources which respond to the needs presented to us.

If you share our vision, we'd be very grateful if you felt able to contribute towards our work.

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