Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884)

Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884)
Registered charity number: 239775

Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884)'s method of operation:
  • Makes grants to individuals

What services Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884) provides:
  • Religious activities
  • General charitable purposes
  • The prevention or relief of poverty

Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884) provides services to:
  • Children/young people
  • Elderly/old people

Where Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884) operates:
  • Worcestershire

Benjamin Sarson's Charity (1884)'s charitable objectives:

Interest to be used in the purchase of tickets or in the subscribing for privileges of or from any hospital or infirmary or any charitable institution whatever of a medical or surgical character to be distributed to. amongst and upon or for the benefiT of such poor persons residing in the town of redditch and the neighbourhood thereof as the vicar and churchwardens select.

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