Bobath Children's Therapy Centre Wales

Registered Charity Number 1010183

To deliver world-class Bobath therapy to as many children with cerebral palsy in Wales as possible

Making a difference to children in Wales who have cerebral palsy. The Centre provides specialist Bobath therapy to children from all over Wales who have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to a baby or young child's brain during pregnancy, delivery or up to two years after birth.

Bobath therapy is an interdisciplinary approach to the management of cerebral palsy involving occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy. All children learn and develop through experiencing play, sound, movement, textures and visual stimulation, but a child with cerebral palsy cannot experience these things on their own. Bobath therapy teaches a family how to manage their child’s disability in very practical ways for everyday living and is complementary to the service offered in the community. The service we are able to offer is highly specialised and intensive over a short period of time and the children return once or twice a year depending on clinical need and availability of places on our waiting list.

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