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Clinical Human Factors Group

Registered Charity Number 1123424

In 2005 Martin Bromiley’s late wife, Elaine, died as a direct result of problems during a routine operation. A review identified that an operating theatre and a team of clinicians had failed to respond appropriately to an unanticipated emergency.

It wasn’t them that failed. The system and training did. It made it harder to do the right thing:

Protocols were unclear

Equipment was difficult to use

Maintaining situational awareness was not encouraged

Leadership skills were not practiced

There was no clear and open communication during the emergency

Martin realised that otherwise skilled clinicians found it remarkably hard to do the right and safe thing because of the system, which did not allow for human factors like leadership and clear communications.

We want to change that. We want to enable the healthcare system to be as safe as possible by understanding and taking account of human factors. Doing the right thing needs to be easier. This will come from promoting an understanding of how humans interact with the system. so that doing the right thing is easy and doing the wrong thing is difficult. When things do go wrong, we can hold the system to account and learn to improve.

CHFG promotes the ideas and practices of human factors in healthcare which, significantly focus on developing system safety. We will inspire, influence, stimulate, motivate, guide, coach, co-ordinate and keep the conversation going through encouraging the healthcare community themselves to become ambassadors of this way of thinking.

Please help to support us. Together we can improve learning from errors. Together we can improve outcomes. Together, we can save lives.

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