Dunaskin Doon Silver Band

Dunaskin Doon Silver Band
Registered charity number: SC006165

Dunaskin Doon Silver Band's method of operation:
  • 'It carries out activities or services itself'.

What services Dunaskin Doon Silver Band provides:
  • 'The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science'.

Dunaskin Doon Silver Band provides services to:
  • 'No specific group, or for the benefit of the community'.

Where Dunaskin Doon Silver Band operates:
  • East Ayrshire

Dunaskin Doon Silver Band's charitable objectives:

To promote to the highest possible level brass band music for the enrichment of the individual musician. To retain within the Dunaskin and Doon Valley Area the opportunity to make music within an organised band which has been a heritage and part of the local culture. To foster in the youth of the area and beyond the spirit of making music in a band. To promote interest in music and provide concerts and entertainment in the area and beyond. To take part in national and international brass band competitions.

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