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Eastleigh Youth & Community Trust

Registered Charity Number 1154430

Our charitable aims are to provide inclusive educational, social, recreational and leisure time activities for children, young people, the residents of Eastleigh and the Trust’s immediate neighbourhood by effectively managing a youth and community centre.

The Pavilion on the Park is a youth and community building sited on the Borough’s newly accessible and developing urban country park. Our building is adjacent to what is known locally as the ‘Aviary’ or ‘Nightingale’ estate which is where some of our targeted work is aimed, although most of our project work extends to people living across Hampshire.

The Pavilion on the Park is the Trust’s base, but it is the activities that emanate from this facility that deliver the Trust’s real core vision. The Trust aims to bridge the gap between generations and communities within the local area. We strive to involve the community in the

development of the Trust’s work whilst delivering inclusive activities focused on children, young people and their families together with the wider local population. We are proud of our substantial provision for disabled people.

Why the community needs this charity

The results and outcomes of the Trust’s work are ever-growing, thanks to our very small staff team and host of volunteers. We have more than 30 weekly activities that take place in our building with regular participation of 500 children, young people and adults. More than 100 volunteers manage and support these activities which include Scouting, Karate, Baton Twirling, Older People’s Fitness, a Parent and Toddler Group, and Art Crafty for adults with disabilities.

We operate a very successful ‘Cycles4All’ project for over 500 disabled people who can use our fleet of more 20 adapted cycles designed for varying disabilities, and have installed a sensory room for individual and group use – ‘Sensory4all’. During school holidays we run various play, educational and sports based activities for local children. Local charities use our building for presentations and fund raising and we are a popular venue for local family celebrations. A team of volunteers has worked raising funds for the Trust and its projects.

We continually seek to engage with local estate residents by distributing a regular door-to-door newsletter that highlights our various activities, offers special local resident rates for use of our facilities and seeks their opinions on how we might further improve what we provide.

During 2014 we built a new outdoor store for our Cycles4all Project and in 2015 we opened our £750,000 Nightingale Annexe to the north of our current facility allowing an increase in activities that can engage with the Park, as well as the Blackbird Community Cafe.

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