Kingscare League Of Friends

Registered Charity Number 1096343

Kingscare League Of Friends's method of operation:

  • Provides human resources
  • Provides services
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information

What services Kingscare League Of Friends provides:
  • Disability
  • Recreation
  • The advancement of health or saving of lives

Kingscare League Of Friends provides services to:
  • Elderly/old people
  • The general public/mankind
  • Children/young people
  • People with disabilities

Where Kingscare League Of Friends operates:
  • Devon

Kingscare League Of Friends's charitable objectives:

The aims of kingscare shall be to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of persons registered at kingsteignton medical practice and, in addition, to provide support for those in need within the wider community. this includes the protection anD preservation of health, the relief of those in need, sickness and distress and the provision of medical equipment and other services not normally provided by the national health or other statutory authorities.

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