Morden College

Morden College
Registered charity number: 215551

Morden College's method of operation:
  • Provides buildings/facilities/open space
  • Makes grants to individuals
  • Makes grants to organisations

What services Morden College provides:
  • Accommodation/housing
  • Religious activities
  • Other charitable purposes

Morden College provides services to:
  • Elderly/old people

Where Morden College operates:
  • Greenwich
  • Bromley

Morden College's charitable objectives:

See constituent charities details.(1) to relieve and assist beneficiaries in cases of need in accordance with the following provisions of this scheme. (2) the trustees shall provide and maintain almshouses (hereinafter called "homes") for the residence of beneficiaries in furtherance Of the object of the charity. (3) the trustees shall also provide assistance by way of pensions and otherwise for beneficiaries in need whether or not they are resident in the homes and by the provision of donations or subscriptions to other charities which provide or undertake in return to provide items, services or facilities to beneficiaries in need. (4) the beneficiaries shall be men or women of good character over the age of 50 years who have either been engaged in a trade, business or profesSion as principals or reached a position of authority or seniority in employment, and who through accident, misfortune, disability or infirmity have been prevented from continuing to follow their former calling and are in reduced material circumstanceS; and the spouses, widows and widowers and dependant children of such men and women.1) to pay an annual stipend to the chaplain of the charity of sir john morden at blackheath, in the london borough of greenwich 2) for or towards all or any of the following purposes in the ecclesiastical parishes within the area of benefit ("area of Benefit" means the areas comprising those ecclesiastical parishes in which land and buildings forming part of the endowments of the charity or of the charity of sir john morden of blackheath in the london borough of greenwich are or have been at any tIme situate and the ecclesiastical parish of st mary-the-virgin, edwardstone) provided that preference shall be given to such purposes within the ecclesiastical parish of all saints, blackheath: (a) augmenting the stipends of clergy of the church of eNgland who are serving in such parishes; (b) defraying the expenses incurred by such clergy in the performance of their parochial duties; (c) paying the salaries or expenses of assistant clergy of the church of england and of church servants and helpeRs in such parishes; (d) the repair, upkeep and improvement of the fabric of parish churches of the church of england in such parishes and the maintenance of services therein; (e) providing, repairing, maintaining or improving new churches and church Halls and other buildings used or to be used for furthering the religious and other charitable work of the church of england in such parishes; (f) providing and maintaining furniture and equipment for such churches, church hall and other buildings; (3) if and in so far as income is not required for application in manner aforesaid the trustees may apply the same in one or both of the following ways: (a) in providing or assisting in the provision of residential accommodation for retired clergymen of the church of england and the widows of such clergymen, who are in need, in property not belonging to the charity and where domestic and nursing facilities may be available; (b) in otherwise furthering the religious and other charitable work of the cHurch of england in the area of benefit in such manner as the trustees think fit.One equal sixth part of the clear yearly income to each of the 6 senior residents of the college

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