Morgan Stanley International Foundation

Morgan Stanley International Foundation
Registered charity number: 1042671

Morgan Stanley International Foundation's method of operation:
  • Makes grants to organisations

What services Morgan Stanley International Foundation provides:
  • Economic/community development/employment
  • The advancement of health or saving of lives
  • Education/training

Morgan Stanley International Foundation provides services to:
  • Other charities or voluntary bodies
  • Children/young people

Where Morgan Stanley International Foundation operates:
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Throughout london
  • Scotland
  • South africa

Morgan Stanley International Foundation's charitable objectives:

For or towards such charitable purposes and to make donations to such charitable institution or institutions at such time or times and in such manner as the trustees may in their absolute discretion think fit provided that the trustees in their absoluTe discretion for the period of twenty-one years from the date of this deed instead of applying the income of the charity in any year accumulate all or any part of such income at compound interest by investing the sane and the resulting income in any Of the authorised investments and hold the same as an accretion to and as part of the capital of the charity without prejudice to their right to apply the whole or any part of such accumulated income in any subsequent year as if the same were income oF the charity arising in the then current year.

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