Ralph Slater Foundation

Ralph Slater Foundation
Registered charity number: SC020961

Ralph Slater Foundation's method of operation:
  • 'It makes grants, donations or gifts to organisations'.

What services Ralph Slater Foundation provides:
  • 'The prevention or relief of poverty'.
  • 'The advancement of education'.
  • 'The advancement of religion'.
  • 'The advancement of health'.
  • 'The advancement of citizenship or community development'.
  • 'The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage'.

Ralph Slater Foundation provides services to:
  • 'Children / young people'.
  • 'Older people'.
  • 'People with disabilities or health problems'.
  • 'No specific group, or for the benefit of the community'.
  • 'Other charities / voluntary bodies'.

Where Ralph Slater Foundation operates:
  • Glasgow City

Ralph Slater Foundation's charitable objectives:

The Purpose of the Trust shall, so far, and so far only, as the same are legally charitable, be:- (1) the relief of poverty; (2) the advancement of education; (3) the advancement of religion (4) such other puposes beneficial to the community as are exclusively charitable according to the Law of Scotland.

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