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The Animal Sanctuary UK

Registered Charity Number 1153368

We rescue and rehabilitate mistreated, surrendered and abandoned animals. Animals have no time limit on their stay with us. Where possible the Animal Sanctuary UK has an active re-homing policy and attempts to place as many as possible into responsible and caring homes. We assist communities in achieving healthy and respectful relationships with animals and promote responsible and compassionate ownership of animals. We wish to educate that owning an animal is a commitment and not to be taken lightly. We also work within our community aiding those individuals who for whatever reason can no longer keep their pets. We offer educational programs on responsible pet ownership and how to manage and work with a rescued animal. All dog, cat, and rabbit owners are encouraged to care for their pets responsibly and to have them spayed or neutered. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of unwanted animals entering rescue. We aim to provide therapeutic experiences for members of the public suffering from stress, depression and disability through being together with, and caring for, animals. Not only do we rescue a lot of animals that have no-where else to go, we are developing the Animal Sanctuary UK to give therapy to special needs children and adults.

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