The Kachin Relief Fund

Registered Charity Number 1148586

The Kachin Relief Fund's method of operation:

  • Provides advocacy/advice/information
  • Makes grants to organisations
  • Makes grants to individuals

What services The Kachin Relief Fund provides:
  • General charitable purposes
  • Human rights/religious or racial harmony/equality or diversity
  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • Education/training

The Kachin Relief Fund provides services to:
  • People of a particular ethnic or racial origin

Where The Kachin Relief Fund operates:
  • Burma
  • China
  • Thailand

The Kachin Relief Fund's charitable objectives:

(i). to relieve hardship, need or distress, relieve sickness and advance education among internally displaced kachin people. (ii). to advance public education in the difficulties experienced by refugees as well as deprived and needy kachin people. (ill) . to promote fundamental human right education base on the united nation's universal declaration of human rights and documentation of human right abuses.

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