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The Oscar Phillips Foundation

26th January 2015 my son Oscar Phillips tragically took his own life aged 16, a sixth form student doing well.

They say until it happens to you, you never understand or realise how many people live with the pain, and how the ripple effect spreads. Our charity in Oscars memory is aimed at preventing young suicides, we work with schools in the hope we can make a difference through emotional wellbeing education looking out for each other, brothers keeper. Oscar showed no signs of how he was really feeling, I compare it to living with carbon monoxide in the home you don't know it's there. We were not able to help Oscar as he never let us know how he was feeling. We never got the chance to help him, to talk about what was going on inside his head and this could have changed everything. Like the world clock time is always changing so do feelings they change and people do get better but only when they talk.

Oscar was suffering from what is known as a masked depression, on the outside he wore a mask and wouldn't let anyone into his world of how he felt inside. The sad thing is THIS IS SOMETHING WHICH IS COMPLETLEY CURABLE 100% back to a healthy mind if only he knew, he actually became his own worst enemy.

Oscar should be with us today.

Help us to help our young generation who so many of them are struggling with life we need to give them our support, get them through the emotional struggle of simply being a teenager in this world.

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