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The Wall Of Answered Prayer

Registered Charity Number 1173708

Hi everyone,

We are making tremendous progress with The Wall and are closing in with some vigour on the land. We have had an incredible word of knowledge that has linked us to a significant landowner who has now offered us a piece of land!

We are travelling round the country at Churches, Festivals, Conferences and sharing the stories and collecting prayers. We are sharing the testimonies that we have collected with some intensity. We believe in doing so this will create more miracles of answered prayer, and we are seeing evidence of this happening. So we will be hearing and seeing stories of answered prayer in Christian Magazines, Radio, TV & Social Media. We are aiming to reach over 500,000 people.

What that means is that everything is ramping up and we need funds for the next stage. This will pay for;

- Marketing

- A full time administrator

- Festival / Conference costs

- Exhibition costs

- General Admin costs

We need £4,250 a month to move forward. As a guideline, each of the millions bricks will cost us £10 - this includes us donating a million bricks to social housing both here in the UK and abroad.

Thank you for joining us on this journey – its getting exciting!!!

"A National Landmark of Hope to remind generations of God's goodness"

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