Uk Youth

Registered Charity Number 1110590

Uk Youth's method of operation:

  • Provides buildings/facilities/open space
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information
  • Acts as an umbrella or resource body
  • Provides services
  • Sponsors or undertakes research

What services Uk Youth provides:
  • Disability
  • Environment/conservation/heritage
  • Education/training
  • Amateur sport

Uk Youth provides services to:
  • Children/young people
  • People of a particular ethnic or racial origin
  • People with disabilities

Where Uk Youth operates:
  • Throughout england

Uk Youth's charitable objectives:

1. (i) to promote for the benefit of the public the part of the voluntary sector concerned with the provision of youth clubs and groups by acting as a resource body for youth clubs and groups, supporting and developing high quality youth work throuGh advice, assistance and representation particularly in the ways set out in clause 2 (furtherance of objects). "the voluntary sector" means charities and voluntary organisations and "charities" are organisations, which are established for exclusivelY charitable purposes in accordance with the law of england and wales. "voluntary organisations" are independent organisations, which are established for purposes that add value to the community as a whole, or a significant section of the community, And which are not permitted by their constitution to make a profit for private distribution. voluntary organisations do not include local government or other statutory authorities. (ii) to develop and promote innovative non-formal education prograMmes for and with young people - working with them to develop their potential.

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