Loudwater Studio (Vision Homes Association)

Registered Charity Number 1017893

Loudwater Studio is an arts, crafts and sound recording studio situated in the beautiful town of Ludlow, Shropshire. The Studio recognises the importance of creative pursuits to assist everyone in their general health and well-being and offers the opportunity for people of all abilities to get creative in any way. Studio staff regularly work with the visually impaired, those with complex disabilities and adults with learning disabilities, supporting them to actively take part in creative fun.

Workshops, drop-in sessions and activities for children are held regularly. With the ethos of the Studio being: "Everyone can be creative, no matter what their ability. It's not about being perfect but relaxing, having a go and enjoying the fun. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creativity."

Working with clay is a particular favourite for studio users as not only is there lots of space to spread out and get messy but the studio have their own potters wheel and kiln, so the process of ceramics can be followed all the way through. Other activities offered are work with textiles, drawing, painting, screen printing and paper-craft, to name but a few.

Run by the Charity Vision Homes Association funding for the Studio can sometimes be tight and thus restricts the opportunities that staff are able to offer. More funding would mean they could offer lower priced workshops to those on personal incomes and benefits; and further activities for groups and individuals on more days of the week, with the potential for activities during the evening and on weekend; making the space available for even more sectors of the community.

Staff at the studio are keen to offer more opportunities to children of all abilities. Being supporters of the Arts Award programme they are keen to develop working alongside schools where funding for the arts has had to be cut in favour of more main stream subjects. Through the Arts Award programme children would be able to follow a project through from start to finish with a reward for their efforts at the end, a fantastic way to engage children with creativity at an early age. Being confident in delivering activities for those with disabilities they would also like to give the opportunity for more specialised children's groups to access the studio for creative fun. Something that can be key to a child's well-being and enjoyment.

The Studio is available for the whole community to use and regularly works with local creatives who wish to offer workshops, or those who simply need a space to follow their own creative pursuits. Staff at the studio are keen to get everyone creative and are actively involved in supporting and leading community engagement projects for local organisations and initiatives.

The Studio relies on donations and volunteers to assist in the opportunities they provide and all volunteers are actively encouraged to simply sit and listen to studio users to help them better understand the people they are working with and thereby helping them to support their needs.

Funding is vital for the Studio as without this those on personal allowances could find their use of the studio to become affordable, and potentially their enjoyment and health and well-being could be affected. Closure of this amazing space would mean the local community no longer have the opportunity for creative pursuits at an affordable price.

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