Young Women's Trust

Registered Charity Number 217868

Young Women's Trust supports and represents over one million women aged 16-30 trapped by low pay or no pay and facing a life of poverty.

We work in three ways

Give young women a voice – through PARTICIPATION and ADVOCACY we ensure that young women, whose voices are rarely heard, can create change.

Campaign for change– we run CAMPAIGNS that will make a positive impact in the lives of young women today.

Support young women - Work It Out is a FREE TELEPHONE AND ONLINE COACHING SERVICE for young women aged 18-30

We have a proud history, having been founded over 150 years ago as YWCA England & Wales, but we have evolved and we now have a new focus and an innovative approach.

Our vision is of a society which respects and listens to young women, actively encourages their self-confidence and where they have the opportunity to be financially independent and participate fully.

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