Jess, Anna, and Joy perform 24 Paganini Caprices on top of 24 Peaks, in 24 Weeks! Challenge starts in April 2017! #ExtremePaganini

Jess, Anna, and Joy are raising money for Music For Kenya

Jess, Anna, and Joy are raising money for
Charity Registration No: 1166524

I have had the pleasure of starting this brand new charity in April 2015, after spending 2 weeks in Kenya on a brilliant volunteer trip with the Gathimba Edwards Foundation #GivingKidsinKenyaAChance. This was my first trip to Africa and it has had a deep effect on me. We visited families who have nothing at all, who are living well below the poverty line in some cases, and yet the general spirit was profoundly uplifting and we were treated like family wherever we went. I visited several schools while I was there and had the pleasure of playing some music for the kids. Nobody had ever seen a violin before and some of their reactions were truly heart warming. Being a passionate outreach musician, which is an integral part of my work in the UK through the inspiring organisation Live Music Now, I was struck by how much joy could be brought into the lives of many children in Kenya through music and became determined to make this a reality for them. Music has many benefits for children: it increases brain power, memory, social development (working with others towards a common goal), builds confidence, teaches patience and fosters creativity. With 43% of the population of Kenya under the age of 15, it is essential to nurture and inspire the children of this country in order to drive their ambition and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Above all music has the power to enhance the lives of children who have been born into extreme poverty and who will not have another opportunity to express and enjoy themselves in this way.

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