The South Site Central Garden Project

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£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid = £12.50
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The Garden Rooms Project

A vision for the outside spaces of Cherwell School

Staff, parents and students are working jointly on a project to rejuvenate the outside spaces of both the North and South Sites of Cherwell School. We aim to build a cohesive and systematic plan to:

• Enhance the visual appeal and unity of the North and South Sites outside spaces;

• Improve facilities to enhance opportunities for outside learning and socialisation;

• Aid students and staff's health and mental well-being;

• Provide spaces to support local wildlife;

• Reflect Cherwell School's innovative, outward-looking and inclusive ethos.

We are currently focussed on three areas (two on our South Site and one on our North Site) where we wish to create outside spaces focused on socialisation, relaxation and improve the wellbeing of the whole school community; by surrounding them with nature, art and colour rather than harsh concrete and brick. They offer differing opportunities for parents to get involved; some require extensive funding, others we’d welcome the use of your time and hands.

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