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We are a UK-based charity that was founded in 2009 in order to help impoverished children and adults in the north of Malawi receive better education and health care. Our main objective is to provide resources and materials to the people of Ruarwe and its surrounding villages, and to create an approachable and healthy environment that focuses on long-term, sustainable community development. We believe in the notion of collective responsibility and awareness, and seek to initiate grassroots projects that encourage social and economic growth whilst always maintaining a focus on community and individual empowerment.

Since we started we have managed to build an educational centre that is fully staffed and managed by the local community independently (Nyumba ya Masambiro, or NYM). The centre offers a nursery, a library, youth club activities, academic tutorials, IT workshops, business management training sessions, access to renewable energy sources (solar & hydro), and school/clinic support. It is also running a number of micro businesses in the hope of becoming financially self-sufficient in the future, so that it no longer relies on foreign donations to continue its good work.

In addition to the activities at NYM, and with the help of local villagers and government representatives, we have also managed to complete a number of extra community projects over the years, such as:

(i) assisting to re-open Ruarwe clinic after more than 10 years of closure

(ii) training fees for a Medical Assistant to work at Ruarwe clinic

(iii) assistance with power supplies at Ruarwe & Khondowe clinics

(iv) construction of an ambulance boat for emergencies and patient referrals

(v) student sponsorship schemes at primary and secondary level

(vi) construction of science laboratories at Khondowe & Bunga secondary schools

(vii) agricultural workshops

(viii) inter-school sports tournaments and quizzes

For more information on our charity and our projects in Malawi please check out our website:

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