Sarah higgins is raising money for Dog Rescue Cyprus (Dali Organised Group) COST TO VACCINATE NEW DOGS AND PUPPIES AGAINST PARVOVIRUS

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid = £25.00
Sam Rutter
"Gorgeous boy, good luck! Sx"
£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid = £25.00
Sam Rutter
"Gorgeous boy, good luck! Sx"
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Sam Rutter "Gorgeous boy, good luck! Sx"
Sam Rutter donated £20.00 with £5.00 gift aid on 10/11/2017 at 20:41.
From Sam Rutter
Sam Rutter
"Gorgeous boy, good luck! Sx"
10/11/2017 20:41:28
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D.O.G Rescue Cyprus was founded by Marilena Peppou in 2011 with a purpose to provide shelter and care for the stray and unwanted dogs of Nicosia, Cyprus at its rescue centre in Dali. It is managed by a small group of volunteers who care for up to 150 dogs and puppies and are responsible for rehoming over 2000 dogs in last five years to countries such as the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

The Cypriot laws permits council owned shelters to euthanize a stray after 14 days if not claimed or adopted, however, D.O.G aims to eradicate the numbers of dogs destroyed by removing them from the kill shelters and placing them under the care of the rescue.

In addition to the high levels of dogs found at council pounds on a daily basis, the rescue centre is often contacted by locals who have found a stray or by the public who no longer want their pet. It is very often that the volunteers will arrive at the centre to be met by several abandoned dogs who have been tied to the railings at the entrance door. It is even more so frequent that these dogs will be very young puppies which are the result of unneutered parents.

In order to continue the care of its dogs, without any sort of government funding, the rescue centre relies upon the donations of its 1200+ supporters through social media and local fundraising events.

In August 2016 the UK registered charity was formed in order to provide further financial assistance to the rescue centre and to assist families in the UK wishing to adopt or foster a Dali dog.

Our mission is to rescue, our dream is that one day we won’t need to.

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